Zuma is gone!
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We Demand Transparency and Accountability
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Save South Africa on Cyril Ramphosa’s ANC anniversary statement
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The Save South Africa campaign welcomes the Pretoria High Court’s decision to remove Shaun Abraham from his post as National Director of Public Prosecutions
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The Michael Komape case: Government should be deeply ashamed
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SaveSA statement on Andile Lungisa
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The people’s struggle continues: SaveSA commemorates its first anniversary
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No soft landings for SAP’s corporate crooks
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Pityana warns that new ANC leadership could be ‘more of the same’
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Pityana says it’s a disgrace that Zuma hasn’t been removed from office
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Cabinet reshuffle: Once again, Zuma puts personal interests above country interests
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McKinsey report falls far short of the truth
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Time for Shaun Abrahams to act like a wolf — not a sheep
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Brown urged to adopt new transparent approach to Eskom board appointment
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SaveSA commends BLSA for suspending state capture collaborators KPMG
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SaveSA campaign response to Makhosi Khoza
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SaveSA calls for intensification of campaign against corrupt multinationals
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Many lessons for KPMG – and other state capture collaborators
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Zuma must have his day in court – and soon
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KPMG could be the next Bell Pottinger
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Bell Pottinger got what it deserved. Now South Africa deserves to know what really happened
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SARS bosses must stop acting as enforcers of state capture
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How does Duduzane Zuma sleep at night?
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ANN7 deal shows what ‘radical economic transformation’ really means
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Manana must be barred from any public office
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Save South Africa August Newsletters
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Jacob Zuma lives to loot another day – for now
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Let’s make today a day to remember – and let’s do so peacefully
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SaveSA calls on MPs to put their country first – just like Mbete has
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Manana must go – there is no place in leadership for men who assault women
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South Africans urged to support National Day of No Confidence
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Media statement by the convenors of COFUSA
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‘Unite and Recapture our State’
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Save South Africa demands full disclosure from Bell Pottinger
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Media statement on the Conference for the Future of South Africa
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Save South Africa calls on the Speaker to allow a secret ballot
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Save South Africa calls for probe into allegations of new –Security Police’
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President Jacob Zuma: the recession President
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Bye bye Brian – next, the Eskom board
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ANC NEC members have been captured – and they must go!
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The architects of state capture must be captured and jailed!
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Save South Africa says: Stop the war against women!
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Save South Africa commends ANC move on party funding
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Save South Africa condemns threats against ANC MP Khoza
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Save South Africa stages night vigil outside Constitutional Court
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Molefe’s return to Eskom is outrageous – and it must be stopped
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Call to Action! At Museum Africa in Newtown at 8am on Monday, 15 May
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Launch of the ‘minimum demands’ document
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While Zuma talks about democracy, his sidekicks are fundamentally anti-democratic
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Zuma stopped in his tracks by civil society – again
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Save South Africa not part of ‘Freedom Movement’
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Save South Africa tells Masina: stop the hate speech
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Run for your life! #Run4SA
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Save South Africa campaign backs multi-party march on 12 April
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Save South Africa thanks People’s Marchers
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The Peoples March is legal and is definitely going ahead tomorrow!
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Civil society announces details of April 7 people’s march
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Cowardly thugs attack defenders of democracy
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Take to the streets on Friday 7 April!
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Civil society intensifies rolling mass action against Zuma and his cronies
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Save South Africa thanks supporters for helping to defend democracy
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The Gupta Cabinet reshuffle is an outrage. It is time to act!
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We must ensure Zuma heeds ‘Uncle Kathy’s’ call for him to go
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Honour Ahmed ‘Uncle Kathy’ Kathrada by standing up to defend the values and beliefs he pursued all his life
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Save South Africa deeply saddened at the passing of Comrade Ahmed Kathrada
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Zuma must be held accountable for his reckless politics
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Save South Africa statement on the attack on the office of the Chief Justice
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Save South Africa commends Competition Commission action against ‘food sector cartel’
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An open letter from Sipho Pityana, convenor of the Save South Africa campaign, to Brian Molefe, MP
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Response from Save South Africa to fake news website
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Save South Africa campaign welcomes bank prosecutions
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Save South Africa’s response to the 2017 State of the Nation Address
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The struggle to Save South Africa goes on
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